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0.jpg (181.02 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-6-9 11:17 upload 1.jpg (301.4 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-6-9 11:17 upload 0.jpg (588.28 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-10-4 07:57 upload had the privilege of visiting the reputation of Japanese shoe shoe God master Mimura Hitoshi last year, his enthusiasm for shoemaking and adhere to the impressive Takumi working for two years before the advent of the he joined Adidas (Maker) series, which presents the ultimate beauty function. ="" reply report& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Chinese shoes Network June 26 hearing, recently, against Germany and Argentina and other outstanding performance in the World Cup as its sponsor Adidas announced that it will pull their shirts, football and other product sales, expects sales of football products will be a record, reaching more than 1.5 billion euros. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;? Chairman Herbert Hainer, Adidas Group, said that South Africa World Cup game in the past ten days to make Adidas confident this year's performance. Adidas-sponsored Germany, Argentina outstanding performance in the group stage, the Spanish team is regarded as the favorite to win. Data show that the first quarter of this year, Adidas soccer product sales grew 26%, which sold more than 6.5 million sets of uniforms, Germany, Argentina jersey sales are more than 1 million units each, the last World Cup in Germany, Adidas sold the team serving only 300 million units, more than double the gro Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale wth. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Adidas offer "celebrate" football will reach 13 million, the same hot sales, Adidas is expected this year than in the last World Cup soccer product sales grew 25%, reaching 15 billion euros. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Adidas football products currently a large market share, an independent market research firm NPD data show that the market share of Adidas 34% market share in Germany and the United States in more than 50 percent, the World Cup 12 teams and more than 200 athletes to provide sports equipment, both in Spain, Argentina is such a popular team, but also a dark horse team in Slovakia so upset. second since the end of last year have been released "Python" snake series and engraved a variety of first year color suede version after, overwhelmed, this 30 years of history of the air force 1 for us to offer a pair of navy blue leather punch version, the shoe body classic color layout presentation, in classic style in through a a popular and leisure. At present, the color has been on sale in the UK version, the price of 70 pounds, the number of 488298-431. search app store to download and install when guest artifact, the hot shoe money grab single worry free; forum posting shoes identification, God distinguish between true and false, Taobao to buy shoes more at ease; detailed inquiry micro channel dunkhome, microblogging "when off, the interaction does not stop![Chinese shoes Network - Brand News] ushered in two consecutive quarters of growth inflection point, Nike (stores) also started to increase inventory liquidation efforts. jordans on sale mens March 4, there is news that this year, Nike plans to open 40-50 factory stores, far more than in the past this scale, while the newly opened factory store will expand to second and third tier markets, discount efforts to maintain the 3-4 fold . Prior to Nike, the world's disclosure of earnings data show that since the third quarter of fiscal 2012, Nike's order growth in China has been slowing down, or even a decline for two consecutive quarters; and industry insiders believe that the current inventory liquidation has become the industry issues, while low prices to clear inventory of Nike, will lead the domestic sports brand inventory liquidation further delay. force factory store Although the factory shop has long been, but in the face of heavy pressure on the stock, factory shop seems to become a major sports brand inventory liquidation "straw". According to Li Ning (stores) before the announcement, as of June 30, 2012, the number of stores has reached its factory 271, and said it would continue to expand the scale of the factory shop; while another local sports brand Anta said, face retail channel high inventory risk, the company has taken a number of measures to rapid response, including the opening of the factory stores and discount stores in the country, to help clean up the postseason inventory. As a leading sporting goods Nike in this inventory liquidation seems not escape. According to Nike insiders, China, will open this year 40-50 self factory stores, larger than in the past, the coverage will also extend to the second and third tier cities. Nike 2 jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black 012 fiscal year based on the information disclosed in the announcement, as of May 31, 2012, the Nike brand Direct factory stores (factory store) in the US market has 156, including the Chinese market, including the international market, straight Camp size is 308 factory stores. Unlike the US market, Nike in China's "factory store" in addition to the self, there are some agents operating stores; In Beijing, for example, about a dozen factory stores, but in addition to the two Malian alley and Youth Road Direct stores Nike factory store, other stores are mainly agents. This means that if the rumors Nike factory stores this year to open 40-50 hotels in China, and is self-employed store come true, and that the scale of the Nike factory store in China will be far more than in the past, after all, in the global market (excluding United States), only more than 300. However, Nike factory store in China and plans to open a specific size, reporters repeatedly confirmation, Nike China has not responded. Investment Advisor in light industry researcher Xiong Xiaokun that although Nike factory store China the scale of investment is not known, but it went very great pressure on stocks, "Nike has joined the army to clear inventory," through various channels will become clear inventory The current focus. weak Chinese market In sweeping China's "stock plague", the Nike also injured, and even began to drag on global performance. Nike fiscal 2013 second quarter results, revenue in China fell for the first time, as much as 11 percent to $ 577 million, and the entire first half o buy cheap jordans online f fiscal year 2013, revenue of 1.149 billion US dollars in China, fell 2 %. In the year 2012, Nike global market, Chinese and European market weakness, but other markets are growing. Xiong Xiaokun said in recent years, staking, expansion is the main competition means many sports brand, Nike is no exception. On this basis, China's sportswear industry gradually showing status of oversupply, although Nike has a strong advantage in brand, distribution capabilities, but still could not escape the high inventory problem. "in China is still the focus of our inventory management", during an investor conference on the second quarter, Nike Chief Financial Officer Don Blair said the company is working to reduce inventory problems in China, mainly to increase the discount rate, reducing futures orders via and other measures. Nike publicly available data, China, futures orders for shoes and other sporting goods, already fell for two consecutive quarters in which the first quarter of fiscal year 2013 futures orders fell 5 percent, futures orders for the second quarter fell 6 percent, decline widened. face downward performance trend, rumor factory shop will undoubtedly increase the awareness of Nike inventory liquidation speculation. Nine Camp Consulting Managing Director Shao Ligang believes Nike factory store opened to increase the implementation of channel sink, may have two purposes, one is to solve the inventory problem, after all, in the sporting goods market downturn, Nike's stock also increase; another purpose may be to probe second and third reaction channels, curre Retro jordans for sale ntly in second and third tier market, mainly domestic sports brands dominate. Nike currently no large-scale operations, such signals may also just a temptation. He also said that if Nike implement channel sink, especially if the price can be lower, the impact on the domestic sports brand is still quite large. He explained that the past two years, Made in China of Nike and Adidas products began to decrease, the two companies are turning to overseas markets, its cost advantage relative to domestic sports brand are more obvious; however, the implementation of low-cost, then the first line of Nike sales and brand will be affected, so Nike product differentiation might go the route. However, the key way sports Consulting Ltd. CEO Zhang believes that the Nike factory store opened in second and third tier cities, the main purpose is to solve the inventory problem, rather than a channel sink. "In fact, Nike has entered the second and third line very early market, so we can not say that is the channel sink." Zhang said that in the first-tier cities, Nike has had some factory stores, but size is not large, the main because big discount factory stores, the brand influence have hurt, after all first-tier cities, and the second and third tier urban consumers demands are different, which is relatively sensitive to price, "In the second and third tier cities to open factory store, but to solve the stock offer a hole. " impact of domestic brands For Nike adjustments, domestic sports brand may be "very hurt." "Nike has a strong brand, if you take low-cost strategy, inventory air jordan 11 space jam for sale liquidation will affect the progress of local brands." Zhang said that some second-tier brands may face a crisis of survival. It is understood that due to intense brand competition, industry overcapacity, channel inventory accumulation serious, including Li Ning, Anta and other six major domestic sports brand, it has already started to adjust channel and business model, in 2012, the major brands have ranging from the size of closed shop adjustment. Meanwhile, the major domestic brands began to adopt a flexible procurement model, rather than blindly pursue the scale of growth, the initiative to adjust the size of orders, production orders are not canceled part to strengthen replenishment, retail and channel partners to strengthen the capacity of the terminal, thereby reducing channel inventory pressure. In this case, the major domestic brands of ordering data, have different rate decline. In addition to Li Ning because orders will no longer publish data fell outside, Anta 2013 third quarter order book was recorded by 10% -20% decline in second-quarter orders Xtep will fall 15% -20%, 361 degrees 2013 In the spring / summer order book fell 23%, Pick orders in the second quarter orders fell 20% -30%. But to take measures in the major clean-up inventory, while local brands, Nike and other foreign brands are also overweight Sale. March 4 afternoon, the reporter visited Beijing Maliandao Nike Factory Store (renamed as seasonal promotions shop) found a Nike men's wear store a minimum of up to 199 yuan, while the sneakers as low as 249 yuan. Meanwhile, the factory stor jordan 3 katrina 2018 e promotional activities underway, "the audience 8.5 fold shoes Pack 2, three 8-fold." a clerk told the reporter, the original goods here, has played five fold, promotions, etc. Then fold on fold. When asked what the factory stores and discount stores are not at the same time, the clerk said the store discounted products relatively less, after all, not so big discount efforts. According to industry sources, with the exception of Li Ning, Anta and other, other brands mainly in the following second and third tier cities, the current first-line market competition, Nike and other brands if the channel sink, and then strengthen the price advantage, it will impact local brands . Shao Ligang that the domestic sports brand after ten years of rapid development, has reached a turning point adjustment, economic situation and consumer downturn, but is exposed only accelerated the problem. "If you do not make adjustments, the pattern does not change Yahuo, only temporarily clean up inventory, inventory or meeting coming back." (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)Lou Williams Air Jordan in 11 Jordan 11 Air 22:39:55 2013-12-08 black appeared in many Air Jordan fans heart there is no doubt that the black and red most fans. As we all know, this year, Jordan Brand brought us shoes Christmas dinner includes so many people in the eyes of this pair of "shoe king" - Air Jordan 11 black. Recently, Luis Williams, who had just moved from the 76 team to the Atlanta hawks, was wearing this pair of Air Jordan 11 in the training camp. Although h jordans on sale online e was a spokesman for CONVERSE, Air Jordan shoes still had a strong attraction to the defender. Let us wait for the arrival of Christmas! scared! In fact, there are many shops selling Air Jordan 11 at the end of each year, but more people like it. The day before the network exposed the United States will be Foot Locker Air Jordan 11 on sale shop distribution map "Legend Blue", we can see most of the eastern region has stores will be released from the shoes, the central region is less, the west coast is the main coastal city, so that we can easily calculate the basic situation of the domestic sale of the store, no matter how small or friendship to remind you that at the end of very cold, although the shoes are important but health is more important, good warm measures to queue.Nike Kyrie 1as Nike's currently has fourth signature shoes of Kaili - Erwin, the performance of shoes and how to present the price? the Hyperfuse uppers, divided into two layers of inner and outer, the outside is a layer of fabric breathable mesh, the inside is the assurance packages and support of high hardness material collocation in shoe design, shoes in fasten shoelace package is also good, but permeability is not as good as seen, and shoes slightly biased code, it is recommended choose most of the code. and shoe bottom configuration for the forefoot of a piece of mahjong zoom air mix after charge Phylon design, to tell the truth in a pair of signature shoes really shabby, so in the end feel not so soft, but not too hard, as a pair of main speed guard shoes, shoes site sense and start is ver cheap foamposites y good. As for the stability of shoes, can only say that in general, no obvious anti rollover. Followed by jagged design inspiration from the hometown of Sydney Opera House, although it looks very cool, I feel not much practical significance and have Tucao actually war of, a ball combat down containing fabric began to spit out, seriously affect the beauty. As the performance of grip, equipped with a deep herringbone outsole design in the grip has a very strong performance, wear resistance is not imagine the good. : the official price of 849 yuan, the market price is: depends on the color (ranging from 600-1000) overall: combined with the market price of the shoes, shoes, the price really is not high, remove the coronation of star aura, there are many good combat shoes can win it. KD 8 EPDurant had hoped that his signature shoes were all bought up, it seems only through its regional series implements. Because of the latest generation of KD 8. The price has been as high as 1299 yuan, but for the 2 new technology of KD 8, also seems to be reasonable in the circumstances. New materials of Flyweave vamp (is actually woven upper), after the foot both encapsulated and comfort are quite good, and collocation of the shoe body dynamic fly line firmly locked in your feet. in the bottom configuration is often the key topic of people, this is equipped with full palm Air Zoom KD 8, no previous your feet in the feedback to you very Q bomb feelings, but you if Naqu combat, especially in the field, you will be able to fully feel the whole palm zoom air to your feedback, especially at cheap air jordans startup, fast agile, not dragging its feet. For a low sneakers, and shoes in the protection is particularly important. Kd8 in this regard do pretty good, surrounds the whole palm zoom lateral TPU has been extended to the heel, support and torsion are able to take into account. As for the outer bottom, a small rectangle of wavy lines in the grip is very good, you will not feel any slippage phenomenon. official price: 1299 yuan, the market price: 1000 left 〉AIR FORCE 1 in the street can be seen everywhere in Nike "Banxie", which are the identity of cover up it was brilliant. As Nike's signature shoes, low version of almost any time to the Nike store you can buy all white color. All white concise form and thick in the bottom, it has become a symbol of the. This pair of basketball shoes produced in 1982, is the world's first equipped with air cushion basketball shoes is a milepost type of Nike in the history of science and technology works. you know, in 70s, basketball shoes is almost no damping technology. In AIR FORCE 1 at the end of the rear, there is a conspicuous & quot; AIR& quot; logo shoes three out of four is air, it is called air-sole". For help, help, help low style; and is divided into C (Foundation), P (Senior), S (supreme level) and the luxurious pure hand made in Italy L. The sole use of the commonly used wear-resistant outsole, rounded shape directly by later AIR JORDAN 1 and DUNK for reference, can be said to be the benchmark of basketball shoes. Because of too much success, the late launch of the AIR FORCE 2, AIR FORCE 3 and AIR FORCE 180 are unable to copy the classic flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, flourishing. A few years before the launch of AIR FORCE 25 is to change people on this pair of basketball shoes to understand the classic shoes. said AIR FORCE had mentioned 1 retired Rachid · Wallace. It can be said that he is AIR FORCE 1 diehard, in modern basketball, braving the risk of injury still persist in his battle. His 3 straight arm and feet with the help of high AIR shooting LOGO FORCE 1 became a legend. This pair of shoes is also the first person "Lei School", designed for interior design; while flying outside players designed "wind school" the first person is the famous AIR JORDAN 4. This shoe is obviously low help version is more popular, high style is more suitable for the woman with shorts, looks like the flavor. But although these shoes are not suitable for small enough to tide, jeans, will be very boring, can be considered slightly loose trousers. Keep the C for many years the stage version of the price of 699 yuan Nike finally put down the integrity rose to more than 700 of the price, but price increases you can't complain too much. If you think the price is a little higher, consider the Jingdong of all white color low version now sold only 389 yuan, really save money online shopping when Jordan first saw this pair of shoes directly to the Nike staff said: "this pair of shoes how there are so many colors, too ugly! I don't want to wear it!" Shoe designer Pete · Moore let Jordan put shoes back, "you can wear it for a while, maybe you will love it. If it is not satisfied, then I 〉This year's Air Max Day atmos x Nike Air Max Air Jordan III 1 will bring "Safari" together to form a super suit! Two pairs of shoes were some iconic lines appear burst with the more fierce, followed by the same Nike Air logo, very cool! Air Jordan III "Safari" whole white, while the atmos x Nike Air Max 1 is a bright white, in contrast to this makes the difference between the details of the atmos x Nike Air is more conspicuous in the Max 1 suite and offering independent version of what is the difference? Let Xiaobian give you doubts! The sole suit version even hidden in Jordan Jumpman logo, with a full sense of design in detail! Which suit the price of $$400, heart of my friends do not miss! Nike Air JordanSafari international footballThe original counter listed September name Jordan 8 Sequoia Take Flight Air sale 8 Joe green item 305381-305 origin Chinese state NEW SZ normal sex selection code man brand Air Jordan application and technology function description of army green outfit, with bright orange red lined jacket into the details with the black support lining. This is a military style, really have the feeling of UNDFTD. Weekend Releases | Nike Basketball Rises Another weekend, another Saturday chock full of compelling launches. While recent Saturdays have focused on classic Js or clean lifestyle silhouettes, this one boasts just... By Nike Basketball??s Best Are Suited for Summer The relaxing days of summer are upon us, bringing with them the cool, casual style that embodies the season. Like Mark Harmon, Nike Basketball is... By First Look at the ??Kay Yow?? LeBron Soldier 10 The Soldier 10, LeBron??s latest signature shoe, is already making waves at retail, with the NIKEiD and black-and-gum editions selling-out left and right. And now... By The LeBron Soldier 10 Just Set the Bar Very High The LeBron Soldier 10 release is barely underway ?? a special NIKEiD edition here, an early ??Bred?? look there ?? and already a colorway has... By Nike LeBron Soldier 10 Black/Red Drops Early?! The special ??Championship?? edition LeBron Soldier 10 premiered on NIKEiD today, expected to be the first opportunity to grab?the shoe ahead of an early-July inline... By Watch: New Nike Spot Celebrates Cleveland Title The Cavs just brought Cleveland its first major professional sports championship in five decades. In Nike??s latest spot, featuring LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love... By NIKEiD LeBron Soldier 10 ??Championship?? Edition The Cavs are NBA champions and the LeBron James is the Finals MVP. Nike is celebrating in style, with early access to the King??s next... By The LeBron 13 Low Outfitted for the Olympics LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers are NBA champions! I don??t know if that increases the chances that LBJ will lace ??em up for Team... By Nike LeBron Soldier 10 Release Date Set King James??s latest signature shoe, of the secondary series persuasion, the Nike LeBron Soldier 10 release date is finally set. By Nike LeBron 13 Low Goes ?? Double Black? The LeBron 13 Low has begun carving out its niche as a superb summer style, combining both a lightweight, breathable style and top-end Swoosh tech?to... By

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